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By Dr. Neal J. Katz DPM
November 13, 2018
Category: Foot Conditions
Tags: Bunion  

At the Stoughton and Madison, WI offices of Dr. Neal Katz, bunion deformities are among the most treated foot conditions. Bunions are more than just unsightly and embarrassing in appearance, they can also disrupt your comfort, lifestyle, and ability to walk or run. Explore the causes, symptoms, and treatments that your foot doctor will use when dealing with a mild to severe case of bunions.

Bunion TreatmentBunion Causes
If you have a severe case of bunions, there is a good chance that they formed due to wearing shoes that are not ideal for your foot shape. One common example is wearing high-heeled shoes that crunch the toes together and put undue pressure on the whole foot. Bunions usually appear in pairs, which indicates that the problem is related to shoewear. Other risk factors include flat feet, past foot injuries, and feet that have been affected by overpronation (incorrect walking). They are more common in patients who have a genetic history of foot deformities.

Bunion Symptoms
The first symptom you’ll notice when you have a case of bunions is the gradual formation of a bump on the inside of your foot. The bump is located near the arch of the foot and may look red or swollen—especially after removing your shoes. It is the bone at the base of your big toe pressing outward. In some cases, patients do not experience pain with bunions, but in severe cases, the joints can become inflamed and painful. Uncomfortable calluses may start to form on the foot.

Bunion Treatments
In the early stages of this foot condition, bunions are easier for your Stoughton and Madison podiatrist to treat using conservative therapies. The goal is to realign the joint and give the foot a chance to straighten out over time. In some cases, simply giving the feet some rest from their daily duties can significantly reduce the symptoms of a bunion. Other treatments include footwear changes, orthotics, corn or callus removal, and night splints. Surgery is an option if the bone, joints, and ligaments need to be repaired and manually adjusted to a more favorable position.

Is a Bunion-Free Life Possible?
Yes, it’s possible to get rid of your embarrassing bunion condition -- to have feet that look and feel normal. Call (608) 241-0848 today to schedule a foot exam with Dr. Neal Katz at one of his conveniently located offices in Stoughton or Madison, WI.


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